Do I receive any pre-Party instructions?

You will receive all the tools you need in your Host Packet which includes catalogs, Host Party Flyer and customer order forms for pre-orders.

Will my Consultant walk me through all the steps needed to host a Party?

Your Consultant will coach you through all the steps necessary to make your Party a success. You can expect a call from them shortly after you schedule your Party date and time.

Who provides the invitations?

Your Consultant will provide you with all the Party invitations you need. If you are on Facebook, we encourage you to create a Facebook event as well.

How many guests can I invite?

We encourage you to invite as many neighbors, co-workers, friends and family as you wish. Don’t forget friends and family from out of town! With Party Online, you can take orders and earn Host Rewards online.  

Do I need to have a theme for my Party?

The style of Party you wish to have is entirely up to you; it can be as elaborate or as simple as you are comfortable with.

Does the Party always have to be in my home?

You can host your Party in any location you choose. If you don’t have the time or space to physically host a Party, you can still get all of the amazing Host Rewards by hosting a Party Online.

Should refreshments be served and can I serve alcohol as well as non-alcoholic beverages?

The choice of refreshments is entirely up to you. It is always a good idea to use your good judgment on what to serve. If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, always have designated drivers available.

Should I encourage or discourage guests to bring their children?

The choice to include children is up to the Host and the style of Party you are hosting.

Do I get to choose my Host Rewards?

Absolutely! We encourage you to enjoy the process of looking through our catalog and making your “wish list”!

How many products can I earn?

The number of products you earn is based on the total dollar amount of Gold Canyon products sold at your Party, from pre-orders taken before or after your Party and from Party Online orders. You may reference the latest Host Rewards  information, available online in the virtual catalog or through your Gold Canyon Consultant.

How soon will I receive my Host Rewards products?

All orders ship from our Chandler, Arizona, warehouse approximately one to five business days from receipt of your order in our system. Gold Canyon will attempt to process most orders within one to two business days but during extreme peak times it may be necessary to extend the processing time. Gold Canyon will do its best to minimize this time. A tracking number is available, however your Consultant will keep you advised of when your order will arrive.

Can I book another Party right away?

Yes! You are welcome to book as many Parties with your Consultant as you want. Remember, Gold Canyon comes out with a new catalog and brand new products three times each year, so book away!


What are the requirements to be a Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultant?
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. or a citizen of a U.S. Territory or Canada
  • Possess a legitimate Social Security number
  • Sign and submit a Consultant Agreement
How do I earn money?
You sell candles, body and bath products and home décor through home Parties and catalog Parties, your personalized e-commerce website and fundraisers. You can also sponsor others to share Gold Canyon products.

How much money will I make as a Fragrance Consultant?
It’s up to you! You determine how many hours you work and therefore how much money you make. Our Career Plan also provides incentives that will help you earn even more.  

What happens if I do not reach my minimum sales requirement?
Fragrance Consultants must have a minimum of 250 Personal Volume (PV) each quarter. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will be canceled and removed from the company downline organization.

How will I get paid?
If your monthly commission amount exceeds $10.00, you may have your commission payments transferred directly to your account or you can receive checks by mail.

Are taxes taken out of my commission checks?
No. It is your responsibility to pay any applicable taxes. You will receive IRS Form 1099 Misc. for your prior year’s earnings provided you earned at least $600.00 which is the lowest amount in annual compensation that must be reported to the IRS.

How do I get started?
  1. Talk with a Fragrance Consultant, then complete a Consultant Agreement online with the Consultant’s last name and six-digit ID.
  2. Await the arrival of your Business Builder Kit — it comes in just 5-7 business days via FedEx. 
  3. Host your very first Gold Canyon Party.
Can I sell or transfer my Fragrance Consultant business?
The agreement with each Fragrance Consultant is a personal contract with Gold Canyon and may not be sold or transferred to a third party.

What is the DSA?
Gold Canyon is a proud member of the DSA, or Direct Selling Association. Gold Canyon supports the DSA’s Code of Ethics to uphold the highest standards of business practices.  Read the DSA Code of Ethics.

Does Gold Canyon offer health insurance?
Through Gold Canyon’s affiliation with the Direct Selling Association (DSA), all active Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultants are eligible to participate in DSA insurance programs. Call (800) 657-8620 and ask for the DSA Insurance Department to learn more.

What is the best way for me to communicate with the home office?
Essentials OnLine is the primary method of communication with Fragrance Consultants and you are welcome to contact Gold Canyon Partner Support at or call 1-866-737-8311.


The website states shipping is $6.99 every day, but I was charged more than that on my order. Why?
$6.99 shipping applies to orders of $70 or less; any orders over $70 will be charged 10% for shipping. These rates apply to orders within the continental U.S. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories are subject to a higher rate.

Can I ship my order to an APO or a PO Box address?
No, we can only ship to physical addresses.

What is your return/cancellation policy?
Gold Canyon guarantees all candles, accessories and other scented products. Defective products can be returned within 90 days of product shipment from Gold Canyon for exchange of other products of equal or greater value. A Return Authorization Letter must first be issued by Gold Canyon for any product being returned to Gold Canyon. All items returned for other reasons must be returned undamaged, in saleable condition and accompanied with a receipt or order confirmation e-mail. Damaged products must be reported to Gold Canyon within 10 business days of receipt in order to receive a replacement product. If you know your Consultant, please contact them for support with your return. You may also contact Gold Canyon Parnter Support for assistance at or 866-996-4222.

What happens if I forgot my username and/or password?
You may reset your username or password by visiting My Account and selecting Password Help.

What type of payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What is the time frame during which I should expect to receive my order?
At Gold Canyon, we strive to process and ship your orders as quickly as possible. Orders are normally processed within three business days. You then need to allow for adequate transit time based on your area. All orders ship from Chandler, Arizona.

Through which shipping carrier will my order be shipped?
We ship all orders via FedEx.

Can I track my order and if so, how?
Yes. You can visit and enter the tracking number provided to you through e-mail confirmation. 


There are so many other fundraising companies. Why Gold Canyon?
Gold Canyon was founded with the intent to create a candle with superior aroma and extraordinary burn. After years of perfecting the art of candle making, we are proud to produce "The World's Finest® quality candle at a very reasonable price. It is an even greater pleasure for us to extend this quality product to assist organizations, such as yours, to earn money!

How much will our organization earn?
The amount your organization raises is entirely up to you, but we've taken great strides to make sure you earn serious "scents". Our program is set up for you to see a generous gross profit of up to 40% from the price of each candle sold!

United States
Sell 50 Candles – Earn $415.00
Sell 100 Candles – Earn $830.00
Sell 500 Candles – Earn $4,150.00
Sell 50 Candles – Earn $470.00
Sell 100 Candles – Earn $940.00
Sell 500 Candles – Earn $4,700.00

Get started today. Set your goal. Collect the profits!

How long should our fundraiser last?
The length of the fundraiser is up to you and your organization. The average selling period for a successful fundraiser is 2-3 weeks. Gold Canyon recommends staying within this timeframe for it to be the most effective.

Will our supporters like the fragrances you are providing us?
Certainly! We have hand-chosen customer favorites and best-selling fragrances with your organization in mind. With a wide array of succulent fruits, blooming florals and warm spices to choose from, the selection of aromas will appeal to every supporter of your organization!

Are you providing a lot of product selections that will be confusing for our sellers?
No! We know that your goal is to keep your sellers motivated to earn profits in the most effective way possible. This is why we keep it simple. We have three sizes of our popular Heritage® candles with Diamond-Light™ in a wide selection of fragrances.

How do we begin selling "The World's Finest"®?
Just contact your Consultant to get more information about Gold Canyon Fundraising. Don't have a Consultant? You can find one online with your zip code. Your Consultant will help you determine your goals and provide you with the selling tools you'll need to make your fundraiser a profitable success!

What is the catalog schedule if our organization has another fundraiser?
There are two catalogs per year that support your organization. The first is effective for orders placed January 2 to July 31. The second catalog reflects holiday fragrances and is effective for orders placed August 3 to December 31.

*Earning potential based on average of three fundraising candle sizes; 40% gross profit is based on an organization submitting a fundraiser order over $2,500 US/$2,800 CDN; organizations submitting fundraiser orders under $2,500 US/$2,800 CDN earn a gross profit of 38%. Prices do not reflect additional taxes and shipping.