You get what you give … plus 25%
The best part of the Gold Canyon Career Plan is that you have the freedom to determine the hours you work and the income you earn. The more time you invest, and the more Scent Mixers you hold, the more rewards you’ll enjoy. Commissions on personal sales start at 25% and you have the potential to earn up to 36% as your business grows! Toss in our bonuses and monthly incentives and Gold Canyon presents an opportunity unlike any other.
Career Incentives
In addition to a generous Career Path and compensation structure, Gold Canyon offers you special recognition and rewards as you achieve your goals. Here is a sneak peek of just some of those rewards:
  • Free trips to tropical and foreign destinations
  • Training at the Annual Leadership Summit and Palooza
  • Luxury gifts and cash
  • The ability to earn FREE products of your choice during your first 100 days through our Quick Start Program.
Be a Leader
In addition to a generous compensation plan that pays you commissions and bonuses on your personal sales, you’ll earn even more commissions on your team sales. Plus, earn bonuses when you advance and when you help others advance. And that’s just for starters.

We LOVE our Gold Canyon family and recognize them with jewelry, trips and other incentives. In fact, our top leaders are recognized with a white Mercedes-Benz® – nothing but the best for “The World’s Finest”®!