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How to Remove Wax and Reuse Candle Jars

Three ways to get wax out of a jar, plus ideas on how to reuse the container.

Before we begin, some notes on safety:

  • Be careful to protect your hands and surfaces when using boiling water.
  • Don’t microwave candles! Many candles have metal clips that keep the wick in place.
  • Don’t put wax down your drain.

 1. Boiling Water

Pour boiling water directly into the candle. The wax will melt and rise to the surface. Let the wax cool and reharden, then remove the wax and pour the water out. It’s a good idea to try this method in a sink in order to protect your countertop or table.

2. Double Broiler

Place your candle in a large heat-proof bowl or pot. Pour boiling water into the bowl or pot, making sure that the water does not get into the candle. Once the wax begins to soften, carefully remove the jar from the water (it might be hot!) and use a butter knife to pop the wax out.

 3. Freeze the Jar

When frozen, wax shrinks. For this method, place the finished candle in the freezer for several hours. Use a butter knife to pop the wax out of the container.

How to Reuse Candle Jars

Once you’ve removed the wax, wash the jar with soap and water. You are now ready to reuse! Some ideas:

  • Storage for office, craft, or bath supplies
  • Planter for herbs and succulents
  • Junk drawer organization
  • Jewelry Storage


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